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At the office of Body & Feet, our goals are to help patients enjoy optimal foot health and support their overall well-being. As part of our comprehensive menu of services, we also offer treatment with acupuncture to safely, effectively, and naturally address disorders of the lower extremities, including problematic foot, ankle, or heel pain.

Acupuncture is one of the hallmarks of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The practice originated thousands of years ago and is based on an ancient and complex Chinese diagnostic and healing system. It is performed using specialized, thin needles that are precisely inserted in a pain-free manner at specific points along energy pathways, which are known as meridians. Each particular pattern of needle placement is intended to release any energy blockages that are believed to be the source of a specific ailment or disease.

As an integral component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has a broad range of applications. It can be used to treat many illnesses as well as help maintain optimum energy levels. Acupuncture treats illnesses by relieving energy blockages and restoring blood flow and qi (energy) to an area that needs it. Patients receiving acupuncture find the treatments to be incredibly relaxing, and effective in reducing musculoskeletal pain, easing the stiffness of arthritis, eliminating headaches and migraines, easing muscle tension, and as an effective therapy for general stress management.

To this day, acupuncture remains a very sophisticated and time-honored way to restore health and function.